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Graphly 2.0

We've been waiting for TWOSDAY to launch this...

Graphly 2 Released on 2.22.22

Today we revealed a fresh new look along with backend updates that are making Graphly snappier than ever before.
graphly-product-tour-dashboard.png 218.41 KB

This is just the beginning of what will be a rapid series of valuable updates coming to Graphly. We're practically tripling our development bandwidth to bring you more reports and features we've only previously dreamt of offering.

Would you like to take a quick look around?

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FuseDesk Integration

FuseDesk reporting is now live in Graphly!

NEW REPORT: Units Sold vs. Targets

Looking to easily compare your number of units sold to target numbers you wish to hit... now you can!

Compare the number of units sold for all products you select vs. target numbers you wish to reach over a given date range.

You can customize which products to track, the date ranges and the target numbers you wish to set too quickly and easily see how your real numbers are performing compared to your targeted numbers.

Units Sold vs. Targets

Copy Graphly Dashboards To Any Account

You can now copy a dashboard from your Graphly account to any other Graphly account you have access to! To learn more about this feature check out this help article.

Copy Graphly Dashboards To Any Account